Every year we love to find a new place to explore and spend time together. Wherever we go we like to take advantage of the outdoors with hikes and bike rides.


Snake River Gorge - Thousand Springs State Park - Twin Falls


Zions National Park - Snow Canyon State Park - Pine Valley - St. George



We have several campfires and camping trips each year. Sometimes we just go up the canyon and enjoy a warm campfire to make our dinner and have some S'mores. Other times we pack up for an overnighter somewhere. Every summer we have a campout for our family reunion and each fall we have a campout with Grandpa and Grandma.



Hiking is one of our favorite things to do. Our first date was even a hike to a waterfall which won major brownie points for Rick. Our hiking has evolved over the years as we have added to our family and we have found many kid-friendly hikes that we all enjoy. We adjusted when Mal was diagnosed with Orthostatic Tachycardia (Read about that here) and now Mal mountain bikes the trail alongside the rest of the family while they hike the trail to keep her heart rate in better balance. We love snowshoeing when we get the chance!



Biking has become a huge part of our life. Rick has always been a big mountain biker. Mal loves road biking and the kids get to experience both from an early age starting out in our bike trailer. Big Sister just finished a 20-mile bike race with Mal! Our bikes go everywhere that we go.



We love going to parks. We take along the hammock, frisbee and soccer ball. Big Sister loves to climb trees with Dad's help or to rollerblade. Little Sister loves the hammock and Brother has fun on his bike or scooter. We love to go for walks and have picnics.